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BPA students advance to state

Posted on 02/02/2023

Business Professionals of America students from A&M Consolidated and College Station High schools recently competed in the regional leadership conference.  Dozens advanced to state and even more earned recognition in their respective contest.

State Qualifiers will be participating in the BPA State Leadership Conference in Dallas Texas March 2-5, 2023.  

BPA is sponsored by Chenika Brooks (CSHS), Terri Casto (AMCHS), Dawson Deere (AMCHS), Kathy Fisher (AMCHS), Trisha Jordan (CSHS) and Kelly Yates (CSHS).


Banking & Finance

Evelin Cruz, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Reagan Hughes, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Xuxuan Zheng, CSHS – State Qualifier

Shanzil Ali, CSHS – State Alternate

Basic Office Systems & Procedures

Tyler Bailey, CSHS – State Qualifier

William Crick, CSHS – State Qualifier

Abigail Jammullamudy, CSHS – State Qualifier

Abigail Yao, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Business Law & Ethics

Addison Jennings, CSHS – State Qualifier

Cayden Schupp, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Anika Tashin, CSHS – State Qualifier

Giancarlo Valladarez, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Briceida Bellon, CSHS – State Alternate

Mindi Martin, AMCHS – State Alternate


C++ Programming

Acton Healy, CSHS – State Qualifier

Allen Li, CSHS – State Qualifier

Kevin Yang, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Kayley Sze, AMCHS – State Alternate

C# Programming

Kevin Zhang, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Computer Network Technology

Airyub Umatiya, CSHS – State Qualifier

Computer Security

Sarah Hildebrandt, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Device Configuration & Troubleshooting

Ahmed Reshad, CSHS – State Qualifier

Digital Media Production

Arunkarthikean Muthukumar, CSHS – State Qualifier

Haru Choi, CSHS – State Alternate


Economic Research Individual

Andy Kim, CSHS – State Qualifier

Forest Lu, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Prabhav Gataum, CSHS – State Alternate

Ashton Kirchner, CSHS – State Alternate

Bowen Tian, CSHS – State Alternate

Economic Research Team

AMCHS Team - Forest Lu, Gideon Ong – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Muzil Ebrahim, Armaan Gilani, Faiz Maredia, Aymaan Momin – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Haru Choi, Andy Kim, Bonnie Koo, Jean Seo – State Alternate


Jadyn DeVerna, CSHS – State Qualifier

Louis Denolan, CSHS – State Qualifier

Ethics & Professionalism

Hayoung Lee, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Neal Pang, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Rachel Shao, CSHS – State Qualifier


Extemporaneous Speech

Justin Palazzolo, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Yash Singh, CSHS – State Alternate

Financial Analyst Team

AMCHS Team - Joseph Ha, Hayoung Lee, Hannah Sanchez – State Qualifier             

CSHS Team - Shadan Alam, Eugene Kim, Arzil Maredia, Adarsh Samani – State Qualifier

Fundamental Accounting

Sreeram Shankar, CSHS – State Qualifier

Annie Li, CSHS – State Qualifier

Shadan Alam, CSHS – State Alternate

Fundamental Desktop Publishing

Margaret Whitten, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Aiman Walimohammed, CSHS – State Qualifier

Siri Paruchuri, CSHS – State Qualifier

Fundamental Word Processing

Jaeda Mitchell, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Aylin Prasla, AMCHS – State Qualifier 

Natalie Young, CSHS – State Alternate

Global Marketing Team

AMCHS Team - Sophia Aregullin, Madison Jackson, Andrea Salgado-Soto, Katerina McCaskill – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Jadyn DeVerna, Gabriel Montelongo, Erina Tejani, Natalie Young – State Qualifier

Graphic Design Promotion

Aliyan Umatia, CSHS – State Alternate

Linh Nguyen, CSHS – State Alternate

Abigail Rhee, CSHS – State Alternate

Aariz Ali, CSHS – State Alternate

Health Insurance and Medical Billing

Jumana Alani, CSHS  – State Qualifier

Caleb Farnell, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Amelia Kim, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Raj Patel, CSHS – State Qualifier


Health Administration Procedures

Amy Chae, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Ainsley Johnston, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Rilynn Lewis, CSHS – State Qualifier


Health Leadership and Special Topics

Aleena Tariq, CSHS – State Qualifier

Debkonya Banerjee, AMCHS – State Alternate


Human Resource Management

Lena Abdelwahed, CSHS – State Qualifier

Joseph Ha, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Emily Chen, AMCHS – State Alternate

Serenity Leon, AMCHS – State Alternate

Intermediate Word Processing

Ally Duan, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Ayman Momin, CSHS – State Qualifier

Anika Nepal, CSHS – State Qualifier

Adarsh Samani, CSHS – State Qualifier

Erina Tejani, CSHS – State Qualifier

Interview Skills

Ariz Mom, CSHS – State Alternate

Clark Harvey, CSHS – State Alternate

Ayon Muhkerjee, CSHS – State Alternate

Java Programming

Cole Howard, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Riho Miyamoto, CSHS – State Qualifier

Sam Seyer, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Will Wang, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Legal Office Procedures

Kelly Ding, CSHS – State Qualifier

Rachel Kumar, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Andrew Li, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Linux Operating System Fundamentals

Devkumar Banerjee, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Medical Diagnostic Coding

Steve Reddy, CSHS – State Qualifier

Network Design Team

AMCHS Team - Nico Ladendorf , Will Wang, Kevin Yang, Kevin Zhang – State Qualifier

Parliamentary Procedures Team

CSHS Team - Lujein Abdelwahed, Ranya Bader, Ashton Kirchner, Divya Kudumula, Fiza Maredia, Arfa Sunesara - State Qualifier

Payroll Accounting

Armaan Gilani, CSHS – State Qualifier

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Hannah Sanchez, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Personal Finance Management

Jace Plant, CSHS – State Qualifier

Podcast Production Team

CSHS Team - Rilyn Lewis, Yashashvi Singh – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Ahyaan Dhuka, Prabhav Gataum, Ariz Momin, Aiyrub Umatiya – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Illian Hemani, Aliyan Umatiya – State Alternate

Prepared Speech

Saari Sanni, CSHS – State Alternate

Illian Hemani, CSHS – State Alternate

Presentation Individual

Divya Kudumula, CSHS – State Qualifier

Ahyaan Dhuka, CSHS – State Qualifier

Arzil Maredia, CSHS – State Qualifier

Presentation Team

AMCHS Team - Andrew Li , Justin Palazzolo, Ayman Veerani – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Ayon Muhkerjee, Ahmed Reshad, Sreeram Shankar, Saihaan Tarar – State Alternate

CSHS Team - Donggye Lee, Edward Yang – State Alternate

CSHS Team - Kelly Ding, Riho Miyamoto – State Alternate

CSHS Team - Anni Li, Anika Nepal, Aleena Tariq, Rachel Shao – State Alternate

Python Programming

Nico Ladendorf, AMCHS – State Qualifier

Konnor Buckhaults, CSHS – State Alternate

Small Business Management Team

AMCHS Team - Amy Chae, Emily Chen, Abigail Yao – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Konnor Buckhaults, Ji-Won Choi, Siri Paruchuri, Janelle Wang – State Qualifier

AMCHS Team - Caleb Farnell, Cayden Schupp 

CSHS Team - Alina Hussein, Lyani Kaase, Iqura Noorani, Xuxuan Zheng – State Alternate

Visual Design Team

AMCHS Team - Ally Duan, Margaret Whitten – State Qualifier

CSHS Team - Aariz Ali, Aiman Walimohammed – State Alternate

Website Design Team

AMCHS Team - Evelin Cruz, Rachel Kumar, Serenity Leon, Kayley Sze – State Alternate

CSHS Team - Allen Li, Lingh Nguyen, Abigail Rhee, Pulun Zhou – State Alternate

Open Events - Students competing in open events are not eligible to qualify for state.

Administrative Support Concepts

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 1st

Abigail Yao, AMCHS – 2nd

Andrew Li, AMCHS – 3rd

Ariz Momin, CSHS – 5th

Arfa Sunasera, CSHS – 6th


Computer Programming Concepts

Nico Ladendorf, AMCHS – 1st

Kevin Yang, AMCHS – 2nd

Allen Li, CSHS – 3rd

Andrew Li, AMCHS – 4th

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 5th          

Forest Lu, AMCHS – 6th


Financial Math & Analysis Concepts

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 2nd

Hannah Sanchez-Owsik, AMCHS – 3rd

Xuxuan Zheng, CSHS – 4th

Forest Lu, AMCHS – 5th

Kevin Yang, AMCHS – 6th

Digital Communication & Design Concepts

Jumana Alani, CSHS – 3rd

Amy Chae, AMCHS – 4th

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 6th

Digital Marketing Concepts

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 1st

Ally Duan, AMCHS – 2nd


Information Technology Concepts

Nico Ladendorf, AMCHS – 1st

Ahmed Reshad, CSHS – 3rd

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 4th


Medical Terminology Concepts

Arfa Sunesara, CSHS – 1st

Rachel Kumar, AMCHS – 2nd

Reni Dhuka, CSHS – 4th

Amy Chae, AMCHS – 6th

Meet ing and Event Planning

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 1st

Amy Chae, AMCHS – 2nd

Yashashvi Singh, CSHS – 4th


Parliamentary Procedures Concepts

Gideon Ong, AMCHS – 1st

Lujein Abdelwahed, CSHS – 2nd

Afra Sunesara, CSHS – 3rd

Ranya Bader, CSHS – 4th

Ashton Kirchner, CSHS – 5th

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