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Elementary school students compete in UIL A+ District Meet

Elementary school students compete in UIL A+ District Meet
Posted on 02/28/2024
CSISD Elementary UIL

Feb. 28, 2024
–287 students across CSISD’s 10 elementary schools participated in the 2024 UIL A+ District Meet on Jan. 19 at Grace Bible Church.

Students participated in events at their respective schools to qualify for the competition. Three school champions per event from each school advanced to the district meet.

Community members, CSISD retirees, current administrators and specialists served as judges for the competition and graded student compositions and tests. CSISD enrichment specialists coordinated and ran the events. An awards ceremony was held that evening where School Champion ribbons and place ribbons were awarded. 

The following students place in the top eight at the 2024 UIL A+ District Meet:



  1. Clara Hernandez, River Bend
  2. Christopher Kim, Southwood Valley
  3. Charli Shoenvogel, Pebble Creek 
  4. Clara Myatt, Greens Prairie
  5. Nicholas Bruggman, Pebble Creek
  6. Ezra Doucette, Creek View
  7. Nariah Robinson, College Hills
  8. Olivia Montano, Southwood Valley

 Creative Writing

  1. Avette Lopez, Greens Prairie
  2. Cuatro Mayo, Pebble Creek
  3. April Liu, Spring Creek
  4. Lorelai Kennedy, Spring Creek
  5. Arthur Alves Baudier, Pebble Creek
  6. Parker Stephenson, Southwood Valley



  1. Lillian Shehane, Forest Ridge
  2. Alex Brunstedt, Southwood Valley
  3. Evelynn Brock, Forest Ridge
  4. Gwyneth Sewell, Forest Ridge
  5. Minnie Mireles-French, Southwood Valley
  6. Jenna Bell, Greens Prairie
  7. Porter Covington, Southwood Valley
  8. Cruz Kennedy, Greens Prairie

 Ready Writing

  1. Clara Horak, Greens Prairie
  2. Loren Pierce-Walsh, River Bend
  3. Blythe Blundell, Forest Ridge
  4. Malachi Thompson, Southwood Valley
  5. Nora Holt, Pebble Creek
  6. Virginia McFarland, South Knoll

 English Spelling

  1. Maya Shanmugam and Shivani Shanmugam, College Hills; Alex Fletcher, River Bend; and Samik Mittal, Pebble Creek
  2. Anthony Yu, Pebble Creek; and Lucas Alvarez, Southwood Valley
  3. Olivia PropstEthan Zurcher and Rachel Zheng, Forest Ridge
  4. Arkyn Hirani, Greens Prairie; Aliya Jang, Rock Prairie; Hayden Fitzgerald, Spring Creek; and Umar Abdullah, Pebble Creek
  5. Demi Anderson, Spring Creek
  6. David Hernandez, River Bend

 Spanish Spelling

  1. Samuel Campos-Vargas, Southwood Valley
  2. Moris Somoza, Southwood Valley
  3. Max Palacios, Southwood Valley


Oral Reading

  1. Declan McAuliffe, Forest Ridge
  2. Hattie Mosley, Forest Ridge
  3. Rory Sorg, River Bend
  4. Emmalee Bishop, River Bend
  5. Harlan Metz, Southwood Valley
  6. Ben Luco, Southwood Valley
  7. Adeline Eschberger, South Knoll
  8. Jade Meline, Pebble Creek

 Ready Writing

  1. Ainsley Fargason, Greens Prairie
  2. Alexis Ribera, College Hills
  3. Insha Rahman, Spring Creek
  4. Addison Coufal, River Bend
  5. Sarah Zhang, Greens Prairie
  6. Jua Moon, Rock Prairie

 English Spelling

  1. Shreyaan BiswasOlivia Lu and Hayoon Jung, Forest Ridge
  2. Saria Syed, Rock Prairie; and Nicole Rasmussen, Southwood Valley
  3. Maryam MahmoodAbdulhamid Mustafa and Rylie Schibler, River Bend; Katie Kim and Sophia McCoy, Southwood Valley
  4. Kolt Edwards, Creekview; Miu Kobashi, Pebble Creek; Akilan Senthil, Spring Creek; and Cerise Dupre, Southwood Valley
  5. Shreya Saripalli, Spring Creek
  6. Aditi Balasubramanian, Greens Prairie; Seth Melton, Pebble Creek; and Kayla Nino, South Knoll

 Spanish Spelling

  1. Emmanuel Dorbecker, Southwood Valley
  2. Patricia Martinis, Southwood Valley
  3. Elisabeth Vasquez, College Hills
  4. Jose Caxaj Ochoa, Southwood Valley
  5. Jackeline SabajCollege Hills; and Frencesca Hernandez CallaosSouth Knoll
  6. Ximena FloresCollege Hills

 Number Sense

  1. Stuart Chen, College Hills; and Amir Oyenuga, Forest Ridge
  2. Levi House, Forest Ridge
  3. Caroline Hu, Spring Creek
  4. Daniel Li, Pebble Creek
  5. Madeliene Jiang, Pebble Creek
  6. Bryce Morse, Creek View

 Chess Puzzles

  1. Miles Penny, Greens Prairie; and Abi Dominguez, College Hills
  2. Miles Mwongela, Creek View; James Hogan, River Bend; Emma Bohnsack, Spring Creek; and Cole Herbelin, South Knoll
  3. Ricardo Bravo, College Hills; Gabriel Betancourt, Greens Prairie; and Peter Li, Pebble Creek
  4. Geoffrey Love, College Hills; Ian Glueck, Creek View; Hudson Pinner, Pebble Creek; Oliver Brimley and Aaron Yi, Rock Prairie
  5. Essam Mohiuddin, Creek View; Sameer Tyagi, Greens Prairie; Junyoung Choi, Rock Prairie; and Nathan Jin, Spring Creek
  6. Jacob Cruickshanks, River Bend; and Annalise Calderon, Spring Creek
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