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Frequently-Asked Questions

What areas of CSISD were impacted by the recent high school boundary adjustment?

What if my student is already in high school? Are they impacted by this boundary adjustment?

  • All current high school students will have the opportunity to graduate from their current high school.
    • Current Juniors and Seniors: These students will have graduated by the time the zones are implemented in 2019-2020.
    • Current Freshmen and Sophomores: These students will be juniors and seniors when the zones are implemented in 2019-2020 and will have the opportunity to grandfather (stay at their current school) until graduation.

I have an 8th grader. He or she will be a freshman next year during the 2018-2019 school year, but the attendance zones are not implemented until 2019-2020 when he or she will be a sophomore. Which high school does my child go to?

  • Families with current 8th graders (next year's freshmen) in the areas changed by the high school boundary adjustment process will be allowed to choose one of two options:
    • Option 1: Current 8th graders in the areas changed by the boundary adjustment process may attend the high school they are currently zoned to and are zoned to next year (2018-2019) as a freshman. In 2019-2020 these students will then change to attend the high school they are zoned to as sophomores in 2019-2020.
    • Option 2: Current 8th graders in the areas changed by the boundary adjustment process may transfer their freshman year to the high school they will attend as a sophomore because of the new boundaries taking effect in 2019-2020.
  • TRANSPORTATION: CSISD will provide transportation for those students who elect to go to the new school a year early.

I have heard that impacted 8th graders can not request a transfer to stay at their current school beginning in 2019-2020. Can I request a transfer for my child?

  • College Station ISD has a transfer procedure and anyone can request a transfer. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis by a committee, which is led by CSISD Director for Student Services Chrissy Hester. For information regarding submitting a transfer request, please contact Mrs. Hester at (979) 764-5415.

How many 8th grade students are affected by the boundary adjustment?

  • There are a total number of 114 8th grade students who are impacted by the boundary adjustment. These are actual 8th grade students who reside in the areas impacted as of April 25, 2018. Of the 114, 86 students' zones changed from CSHS to AMCHS and 28 changed from AMCHS to CSHS.

I have a current high school student and my 8th grade student (or lower grade) is impacted by the boundary adjustment. Can he or she attend the same school as their older sibling?

  • There are no provisions for grandfathering younger siblings of current high school students.

What about those 8th graders who have already tried out for or made a team or activity?

  • In most cases, these are not determined until the fall semester for freshmen. There are very few organizations or extra-curricular activities which select members in the spring of the previous year. In those instances, administration will work with the individual student to ensure comparable placement if they choose to change schools a year early.

Guidelines surrounding CSISD sports and other summer camps indicate that my son or daughter must attend the camp at the high school they are zoned to attend. If my high school attendance zone was changed, which high school camp should I attend?

  • Only the 8th grade students who were impacted by the high school boundary adjustment may attend camp at either high school during the summer of 2018. However, during the summer of 2019, all students must attend the camps of the high school to which they are zoned. Please note, UIL rules state that students may attend only one high school camp per sport per summer.

What are the schools doing to help 8th grade students and families decide where to go to school next year?

  • Both high schools will be reaching out to those 8th grade families impacted by the boundary adjustment. Students will be invited to visit their 2019-2020 zoned school on May 11 during the school day. In addition, each campus will have an open house for the entire family on the evening of May 14. The idea is to provide students and their families with information to help in their decision-making process.

My child has already registered for classes for next school year. If my child moves to his or her new school as a freshman in 2018, will there be classes still available for him or her?

  • Course requests from 8th graders who choose to enroll in their new school a year early will be accommodated.