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College Station Independent School District

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Community Based Accountability

In College Station ISD, accountability to our stakeholders is about much more than results of state-mandated tests and ratings assigned by state systems of accountability. We acknowledge that state-mandated tests can help us determine where successes and deficiencies are located within a school system and allow us to compare our results to state averages and to other districts. However, assigning an accountability rating on a district or campus based almost entirely on the results of these tests does not take into account many factors which enrich a student's academic and whole-school experience.

We believe the Community Based Accountability system we’ve worked hard to develop and refine since 2014 informs our students, parents and community at a much more comprehensive and meaningful level. As we move into a re-imagined Community Based Accountability System, it is framed around seven pillars which capture the comprehensive work of a public school system:

  • Professional Learning - Quality Staff
  • Student Learning and Progress
  • Engaged Well-Rounded Students
  • Student Readiness
  • Safety and Well Being
  • Community Engagement and Partnerships
  • Fiscal and Operational Systems

As you review CSISD's Community Based Accountability System, we hope you gain a true understanding of the factors CSISD believes are important to educating its students.

The results of state testing is but a chapter. We invite you to look at CSISD's Community Based Accountability system if you would like to read the whole book.