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MS Summer School Program Registration

Registration for initial enrollment
or to add an additional class is available until June 16th. 

Call 979-695-7293 from 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions


If we have a planned trip, can my student miss more than 3 days and still be able to participate as an IN PERSON student?

A student will be excused from most absences as long as it is within reason (ex: missing 3 weeks of a 4 week course is not within reason).  If you are aware that your student will be absent, please communicate as soon as possible to allow us the opportunity to create a plan to better serve your student.  We understand that it is the summer, and we will make every attempt to remain as flexible as possible. Please note: No extensions will be granted past June 28th. 

If my student misses more than three days and is removed from their course, are we able to get a refund?

No. There are no refunds.

Does my student have to stay for the entire time? 

Yes. IN PERSON students are expected to be on campus at College Station Middle School for the entire duration of the summer school session (7:45am-11:15am). 

Do students have to attend class when they have successfully completed a course?

Upon successful completion of a course, students will no longer be required to attend summer school.


What is the structure of the courses that are offered?

All courses are structured to be self-paced.  Students must complete all course work by June 28th @ 12:00 PM (noon).

Can my student take more than one course?

While you will be able to register for more than one course, it is highly discouraged. If coursework is accessed, a refund will not be given regardless of course non-completion.

Optionally, if your student finishes and still has enough time to complete an additional course, then yes you are able to register for another course. You’ll need to contact the Summer School Coordinator for access to registration after it has closed.

Can my student roam freely through the Edgenuity course?

No. Students will need teacher approval to move to new topics once tests are completed. This is to ensure successful completion of the course.

What do I do about my student’s schedule after they have finished their course?

The summer school staff will communicate the completed coursework grade with their counselor and they will update it accordingly. Please allow time for counselors to update and change their schedules. 

What happens if my student does not finish their course?

Students that fail to meet the requirements of their summer course will not receive credit for that particular course.  No refunds will be provided, and it will be as if they never took the course.  They will have to take class again during the school year.

If my student does not complete the course can they continue it during the school year or next summer? 

No. On June 28th at noon, all course work will be cleared and no longer accessible. 

Are courses pass / fail?

Students will receive numerical grades for these courses. Grades will appear on transcripts but will not be calculated in class rank GPA.

What happens to my student's schedule for the school year when they complete a summer course?

At the end of each summer session, Mrs. Espitia will send a list of students to each middle school counselor that have successfully completed summer school.  At this time, they will adjust each students' schedule to ensure they do not take the course again.  For further information, please contact the counselor at your student’s middle school.

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