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CSISD BPA students advance to state

CSISD BPA students advance to state
Posted on 02/03/2021

Dozens of students from A&M Consolidated High School and College Station High School recently advanced to the state Business Professionals of America Contest by placing in 36 different events at the Region 3, Area 2 Contest.

In addition, several students also placed in the top six in one or more open events.  Students are given an exam for the open events and any and all students can participate.  There is no advancement to state in the open events category.

During the conference portion of the event, Rebecca Kumar was installed as the 2021-22 Regional President.

The state conference will be held in March.

BPA sponsors are Terri Casto (AMCHS), Chenika Brooks (CSHS), Kathy Fisher (AMCHS), Dennis Rhodes (CSHS) and Diane Rister (AMCHS).

CSHS BPA state qualifiers AMCHS BPA state qualifiers

Individual event state qualifiers

  • Advanced Accounting:  Pravalika Manchi (AMCHS)
  • Advanced Interview Skills:  Danielle Payne (CSHS)
  • Advanced Office Systems & Procedures:  Kathy Ding (CSHS), Ruth Yao (CSHS)
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Applications:  Areeba Momin (CSHS), Raisa Prasla (AMCHS) 
  • Advanced Word Processing:  Derek Pham (CSHS)
  • Banking & Finance:  Siena Healy (CSHS), Gideon Ong (AMCHS)
  • Business Law & Ethics:  Quinn Buchanan (CSHS), Emma Finke (CSHS)
  • C++ Programming:  Sophia Wu (AMCHS)
  • Computer Modeling:  Jim Duong (CSHS), Demi Hu (CSHS)
  • Computer Security:  Acton Healy (CSHS)
  • Database Applications:  Jessica Fisher (AMCHS)
  • Digital Media Production:  Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)
  • Economic Research Individual:  Forest Lu (AMCHS)
  • Entrepreneurship:  Jeffrey Wang (CSHS) 
  • Extemporaneous Speech:  Ben Crockett (CSHS), Shawn Gao (CSHS)
  • Fundamental Accounting:  Abigail Wilson (AMCHS)
  • Fundamental Desktop Publishing:  Jet Li Phan (CSHS)
  • Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications:  Reni Dhuka (CSHS)
  • Fundamental Word Processing:  Aliza Maknoljia (AMCHS), Nathan Vinay (CSHS)
  • Health Administration Procedures:  Rebecca Kumar (AMCHS), Grace Stimmel (CSHS), Insha Umatiya (AMCHS), Fariha Zahid (AMCHS)
  • Human Resource Management:  Isabelle Wong (CSHS)
    ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding:  Asma Maredia (AMCHS)
  • Integrated Office Applications:  Darsh Amin (CSHS) 
  • Intermediate Word Processing:  Ly Tran (CSHS)
  • JAVA Programming:  Surya Sankari (CSHS) 
  • Legal Office Procedures:  Rachel Kumar (AMCHS)
  • Payroll Accounting:  Shruthi Garla (CSHS), Samiha Momin (AMCHS), Justin Park (CSHS), 
  • PC Servicing & Troubleshooting:  Ahmed Manzoor (CSHS) 
  • Personal Financial Management:  Alina Maknoljia (AMCHS),
  • Jiawei Zhang (AMCHS)
  • Prepared Speech:  Boya Shi (CSHS) 

Team event state qualifiers

  • AMCHS Administrative Support Team:  Rachel Kumar, Abigail Wilson, Rebecca Kumar, Pravalika Manchi
  • CSHS Administrative Support Team:  Kathy Ding, Shruthi Garla, Demi Hu, and Ly Tran
  • CSHS Financial Analyst Team:  Shawn Gao, Siena Healy, and Derek Pham
  • CSHS Global Marketing Team:  Darsh Amin, Quinn Buchanan, and Jeffrey Wang
  • CSHS Presentation Management Team:  Jaden Joseph, Surya Sankari, and Nathan Vinay
  • CSHS Presentation Management Team:  Bianca Lasagna-Coloma and Sama Deeb
  • AMCHS Website Design Team:  Alina Maknojia, Aliza Maknojia, Raisa Prasla
  • AMCHS Small Business Management Team:  Asma Maredia, Samiha Momin, Insha Umatiya
  • CSHS Website Design Team:  Jim Duong, Ahmed Manzoor, and Jet Li Phan

State Alternates

  • Graphic Design Promotion:  Patricia Livingston (AMCHS)
  • Health Administration Procedures:  Layla Shadparvar (CSHS) 
  • CSHS Small Business Management Team:  Kierra Blue, Re' Asjah Caldwell
  • CSHS Small Business Management Team: Brown Bedard, Ben Crockett, Gates Leftwich

The following open event contests are tests that students can take for recognition but are not eligible for advancement to state competition.

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts

  • 1st - Gideon Ong (AMCHS)
  • 2nd - Fariha Zahid (AMCHS)
  • 3rd - Samiha Momin (AMCHS)
  • 4th - Abigail Wilson (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Forest Lu (AMCHS)

Administrative Support Concepts

  • 1st - Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)
  • 3rd - Insha Umatiya (AMCHS)
  • 4th - Alina Maknojia (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Jessica Fisher (AMCHS)

Computer Programming Concepts

  • 5th - Sophia Wu (AMCHS)

Information Technology Concepts

  • 5th - Alina Maknojia (AMCHS)

Digital Communication & Design Concepts

  • 4th - Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Pravalika Manchi (AMCHS)

Business Meeting Management Concepts

  • 2nd - Raisa Prasla (AMCHS)
  • 3rd - Pravalika Manchi (AMCHS)
  • 4th - Gideon Ong (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Asma Maredia (AMCHS)

Management, Marketing & Human Resources Concepts

  • 1st - Sophia Wu (AMCHS)
  • 2nd - Jiawei Zhang (AMCHS)
  • 3rd - Asma Maredia (AMCHS)
  • 4th - Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)

Parliamentary Procedure Concepts

  • 1st - Gideon Ong (AMCHS)
  • 4th - Pravalika Manchi (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)

Project Management Concepts

  • 2nd - Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)

Digital Marketing Concepts

  • 2nd - Forest Lu (AMCHS)
  • 3rd - Brandon McCrea (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Jiawei Zhang (AMCHS)

Medical Terminology Concepts

  • 1st - Fariha Zahid (AMCHS)
  • 2nd - Asma Maredia (AMCHS)
  • 3rd - Rebecca Kumar (AMCHS)
  • 4th - Samiha Momin (AMCHS)
  • 5th - Insha Umatiya (AMCHS)
  • 6th - Aliza Maknojia (AMCHS)


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