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MS Summer School Guidelines


Students enrolled in Web Communications and Touch System Data Entry should be aware that their final course grade will be placed on their high school transcript as a numerical grade but will NOT be used to calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA).

Students are expected to follow the normal guidelines set forth in the CSISD Student Code of Conduct and the CSISD Middle School Student Handbook as well as the Summer School Rules listed below.

Summer School Rules 

1.  Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a zero on their module/project at the first occurrence. On the second occurrence, the student will be dismissed from summer school without refund.  If you need more information on what constitutes plagiarism, please review this resource.

2.  Students who attend class for at least one session or view a lesson in an online course will not be eligible for a refund.

3.  Students coming to summer school and not making appropriate progress will have a conference with the teacher and a phone call will be made to parents.

4.  Students must stay for the entire session unless written documentation is provided in advance to the summer school principal, Mrs. Espitia.

5.  Students must be on time for a session.

6.  All work for classes, including the final exam, should be completed by 12:00 PM on Friday, June 28th.

7.  Students with more than 3 unapproved absences will be removed from summer school without a refund.

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